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I'm a Boulder-based small business consultant specializing in creative project management, strategic branding, intelligent graphic design & art direction, and crafting a distinctive customer experience. I have a combined 6+ years of experience in marketing, graphic design, account management and project management in both in-house and agency environments.

My roots may be in marketing & design, but these days I consider myself more of a creative curator and customer experience crafts(wo)man. As marketing tactics become more and more fragmented, I prefer to focus on touch points. You know, things like building authentic relationships, fostering honest dialogue, and developing consistent & identifiable branding. Human things. In a nutshell, it's the art (and science) of crafting how people interact with and experience a brand both physically and digitally. It's boosting customer satisfaction and building loyalty through thoughtful design and execution. I believe that treating people with respect and earning their trust is infinitely more effective than trying to buy their ever-shrinking attention. Consider it an old school approach executed through new school channels.

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But enough about work! My other passion is health and wellness. I'm a dedicated gym rat who loves pushing the limits of my inner athlete. Shoot me a note if you're looking to mix up your fitness routine or take it to the next level. I have the best trainer in Boulder, and you should tag along with me to a group training session (for free). I also love to hike, mountain bike, and target shoot with my antique .22.

But don't just internet stalk me…say hello! Whether you need a seasoned PM to lead your next creative project, advice on how to better communicate with your agency or freelancer, or a fresh perspective on how to improve your customer experience, I'd love to chat.

Kristin Burkholder | Marketing & Creative Services Consultant


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Kristin Burkholder | Marketing & Creative Services Consultant